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Naples, FL – Certified Jewelers in Naples combined their two retail locations into one 6000-square-foot jewelry superstore in Greentree Center on Immokalee Road. Doors opened on November 4, 2019, just in time for holiday shopping.

Why is the Superstore a good thing for Naples? According to Rick Grimes, owner and founder of Certified Jewelers, “People don’t have to go anywhere else to look for jewelry. If we don’t have it, and we don’t have it at the right price, I honestly don’t know where they could find it. I mean, we have everything. And, we are actually selling it for 50% below suggested retail price.”
Grimes said the new Superstore holds over 100 cases of diamond jewelry, precious stone jewelry, estate jewelry, and pre-owned Rolex watches. The store is staffed by jewelry veterans, some of whom have been with Grimes almost since he first began selling jewelry in Southwest Florida back in 1981 under the name Henrick’s Jewelers.

“There’s nowhere else in the Southwest Florida market that I know of that can compete with us on inventory and price. Our superstore is so large, it’s just not possible.” Inside the store, customers can gaze through glass windows as two jewelry artisans design and craft original pieces. “We manufacture over 50% of the jewelry we sell,” said Grimes. “That’s one reason our prices are so low and we have so many pieces to choose from.”

Another reason all jewelry is actually discounted a full 50% off is that Certified Jewelers does not have to pay a premium for their retail location.
“We are not on U.S. 41,” Grimes said. “Our store is in Greentree Center on Immokalee Road. Our overhead is a lot lower here. That way we can be the high-volume, low-margin store that we are. You really have to see it for yourself to believe it. I encourage people to shop around first. I know they won’t find a store in Southwest Florida that compares. It’s the big box store concept, only with jewelry.”