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You’re so lucky to have three birthstones! Do you know what each signifies?

Let’s take a deep dive and figure out which one or all is best for you this month.


Tanzanite is gets its name from the only place in the world it can be found, Tanzania. Discovered quite recently in 1967, this blue or occasionally violet stone has risen in popularity. This stone must be handled with great care because it is easier to scratch than the other stones.

What Does Tanzanite Represent?

Tanzanite is said to have relaxing and soothing properties. It is sometimes referred to as the “workaholic stone” because it’s supposed to help calm those who work too much. It also helps to relieve depression and stress.

Zircon is a stone that naturally appears in almost every color, however it is most recognizable by its blue shade. This stone can be found in the protected mines of Australia. Since this gem is slightly radioactive and usually appears in a brownish yellow or red color, it’s usually treated and stabilized.

What Does Zircon Represent?

Zircon is a grounding stone, used to balance idealistic or imaginative thoughts into practical applications. In addition, zircon is said to ward off negative energy and invite happiness into the wearer’s life.

Turquoise is one of the most sought after gemstones for both jewelry and crystal healing. Today, the United States is the leading turquoise supplier and the stone is most commonly found in Native American Jewelry. This unique stone that can usually be identified by its spiderweb pattern. It dates back to the 13th century and was originally brought to Europe from Turkey.

What Does Turquoise Represent?

Turquoise signifies wisdom, balance and truth. It is said to be the stone of protection, possessing the power to prevent injury. The greatest gift of turquoise is helping the wearer accept every part of oneself. Turquoise helps release regrets and find self-acceptance.

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