Fixing Jewels
Our Master Jeweler can restore your old jewelry into something fresh and exciting, or design an original piece just for you. Whether you want to remount your stones into a new piece, add stones to your existing piece, or come up with something completely new, our Master Jeweler can do it all.

Certified Jewelers Master Jeweler Keith Rifenburg is a European trained Master Jeweler with over 30 years experience creating custom design jewelry in Platinum and Gold, along with all phases of the repair and restoration process. Originally trained in the hand-fabrication of precious jewelry, Rifenburg is also experienced in CAD (Computer Aided Design).

Through our Custom Design and Repair Department we also offer laser welding which allows us to work with ease and safety on your most important pieces. Call for store hours.

If you have any questions regarding the restoration of an old piece, or simply the design of a new piece please call today.